Thursday, June 16, 2016

OCR doesn't need professional software. It's made of only a web!

I thought OCR was something to do by professional software.

Did you know that it was possible only by a web?
(Is that old information?)

1. It's able to take a photograph. And it can be connected to the Internet.

2. Google Account

Something you'd like to convert to the text data, you take a photograph.

You upload that photograph to Google Drive.

Go to Google Drive from web browser.

There is a photograph which uploaded you.

And the picture is right-clicked.

"Open with" and "Google Docs"

A photo was being indicated by Japanese OS, but I did using the English OS actually.
(There is strange words a little. ;-)

To make character correctly, you should cut that picture or you should make only the part you would like to make read.

That is FREE! Wonderful.

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