Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How install Android-x86 to ASUS EeePC-901

After Ubuntu, this time is Android.

There are version 5.0 and 6.0(test) also; but version is 4.4.

I write it in USB memory in Rufus.exe(How install ubuntu?) as in the same way when I install Ubuntu and boot it.

I choose "Install".

I put it to SSD of 4GB."sda" is SSD of 4GB
(I plan multi boot with Ubuntu...)

It ask the format of the partition on the way, but the partition which you should install recommends what you initialize beforehand with ext2 or ext3.

(Attention: "ext4" does not support, so you must not initialize with "ext4")

GRUB Installation = Yes

EFI GRUB2 = Skip

Does it allow you to operate system? = Anyway, Yes

Installation starts.

Such time is shortish.
If you reboot, It was completed



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