Sunday, June 12, 2016

I succeeded to reduce Windows 10 IoT Core for RP2 to a SD card of the 4GB and start RP2 by that.

Windows 10 IoT Core image of Raspberry PI2 is 8GB.
It's requirement.

More than 8 GB of microSD card is needed by default, whether it fits into 4GB, trial and error were repeated.

The microSD card I got at a show before (4GB).
It was free!

First an image is ordinarily wrote on a SD card (more than 8 GB).
(When there are no SD cards, even a USB memory is possible.)

Using a free partition tool, the partition size, shrink, it was seen using this in case of me.

The usual size is

I do size change using Tool.

MainOS and Data, shrink and it'll be the size within the 4GB.

An image is taken out once and it's copied in a SD card of the 4GB.

It booted!!

I say that "It's scarce in practicality"....

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