Friday, June 17, 2016

Microsoft Wireless keyboard All-in-One Media Keyboard N9Z-00001 review

I was looking for compact wireless keyboard.

There is variously a wired and USB-type, but it's very small,
The compact wireless one is very difficult to hit with my large finger.
(I'm Japanese, but I'm taller more than 180cm. So my hand is large like you.)

I found something very good.

The key pitch isn't so different from a usual one (18 mm),

and the stroke is rather short little.

But if that's the carrying purpose, I can be convinced.

The trackpad is bigger entirely than that of a laptop computer,
so it can be operated at room.

Though wireless is the 2.4GHz bandwidth original,
the communication is coded in AES.
You do not have to worry about the crack.

There is Program Function key n and a custom key also.
It is more inexpensive than I thought.

(Worrisome point)
 There are no stand, so the person who tilts and strikes it may need a stand.
 The place where a wireless module is stocked is the same place as a battery location.
 When carrying around, so I have to open a back cover one by one.
 (It's hard and maybe it's breaks.)

It's ordinary to be able to use it by Windows/iOS/Linux.

I'll add that even Raspberry PI could use it.

Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard (N9Z-00001) New

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