Wednesday, May 3, 2017

[Hi-Cost Performance]3.5inch Touch Panel Screen for Raspberry PI

(I am sorry by update this blog after an interval of about one year.)
I bought it on impulse for a price.

There are a case ; and this price!!!!!
(The SD card had the thing which I bought in Japan)
"Buy cheap and waste your money." (I thought so...)

There was some dissatisfied points.

About CASE
"Where is MANUAL?"

It is on the back side of the box.
(I didn't notice it.)

One screw which fixes the main body of RP and the undersurface of case
was not match the size!!

Nut was a little bit big , after assembling, flew when stirred up. (Hahaha)
Because there is no help for it, I float only the left bottom end.

And parts for reinforcement in case.(?)

When I look from the top, it was warped a little?
It was slightly diagonal for a case.

That's you all right!! "MADE in RPC"

It bundle the touch pen.

The problems was
Because this case blocks up the GPIO pin, to use it with a control system,
You remodel the connector part, and yourself cannot but make a hole.

There is not the feeling involved in so badly.
I cannot say the buying, but It is "the cheapest", and you can make it.

This is a Full HD type. (Higher evoluation)